Luiz Godinho, Limited ​company, was stablished in February 1917. Borned next Cais do Sodré, a century-old-building, where was an Irish tavern​, in the same place where ​EÇA de QUEIROZ​​  wrote many of his pieces…

The interior remains intact, respecting the old style of the building, with the edges worked stucco ceilings, stone floors and original yet in 1917 the facility comprised three fronts, one for the “Street of Remolares”, the second to “Serving the Remolares”, and third one, best known Avenue July 24 (Cais do Sodre in other time). Begin as Irish tavern, a warehouse and shop, and turned in a “Shipchandler” LUIZ GODINHO Ltd, by the hand of Don Luis Godinho, being its main activity at this time to supply the ships. Today, the firm will still in 3rd generation with the great-nephew of the founder.​

The company has manufacturing and produce their own lifejackets, lifebuoys, balloons fenders made in Cairo, all items in that cork was the main constituent … all handmade, and the story passed from generation to generation the third and fourth generation, trying to overcome 100 years of existence. It remains now to another type of skilled labor, such as the provision of various services, safety nets, cargo nets, climbing nets, slings steel wire or fiber, “Korean Bridges” stitching fiber cables, networks , lifelines, hardware designed for measurement and color desired by the customer, through the pressings in stainless steel cables up to Ø 16mm. Are nearly 11,000 different articles, with an immediate stock between warehouses and store roughly 80% of those articles.



In February 2015, the company change the “LOGO” with a new designation “LGL” together with the “Caravel” again. Below, you can find our LOGO`s history, from different decades.